Courses + Curriculum

Students from the course Digital Fabrication visit the FabLab, 2023.
Art + Intelligent Machines (A special topics ARTS course to be offered in the spring of 2024)

This course explores how artificial intelligence creates new opportunities and challenges for artists and art careers. Throughout the course, we explore hidden histories of automation in traditional art practices and the recent history of how art practices have responded to the computer age. We investigate how avant-garde art movements of the 20th century broke free from the intelligent systems of the art world, and how we might use similar strategies to free contemporary art practices from today’s status quo. Beyond the many online app generators available to the public, students develop datasets and hands-on practice with high-performance computing and robust image-making technologies. Students reflect upon the opportunities and consequences of automation and emerging technologies through readings and discussion.

ARTS 2620 and CIS 2460 Digital Fabrication

Through hands-on experiences students practice with digital fabrication technologies (both hardware and software) that are popular with contemporary artists. Students will learn how to fabricate designs with technologies such as laser cutting and engraving, 3D printing, 3D scanning, and pen plotting. Through readings and class discussions, students are introduced to the fields of Critical Design, Speculative Design, and Afrofuturism. The second half of the semester is dedicated to a self-directed project.

ARTS 2410 Graphic Design/Science Communication

In the context of a fine arts curriculum, this course introduces design strategies in graphic design and the graphic arts. Course themes include visual research, composition, and idea synthesis. Students are encouraged to take risks, develop and articulate visual ideas and personal styles. Readings and writing reflections will introduce formstorming, framing, transparency, modularity, scale, texture, and color.

ARTS 4994 Teaching Assistantship

Teaching assistantships support the three courses described above.

ARTS/Cs 3995 Undergraduate Research

Students work directly with Art + AI Research Group projects.

Art + Technology Independently Designed Major and Minor

Building your own minor in art + technology is an exciting opportunity to develop creative, critical and visual thinking and explore research-based art and design practices. It provides a systematic inquiry that compares, contrasts and combines physical and digital modes of our lives while it explores the contemporary alloy of art, science and technology. This minor is also well suited for those interested acquiring design technical skills in the pursuit of established creative careers in the arts, design and media sectors. Over two million people in the United States are employed in arts, design, entertainment, sports and media occupations, with rapid growth expected within a number of these occupations, (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). This self-designed minor is an option for students from all disciplines. Learn More.